Massage Chair

Ideal relaxing and relaxing. They are also used in rehabilitation. Seats have a range of programs in which everyone will find something for everyone.

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Seats massage every part of the body from the feet, neck ending. Another advantage is the built-in DVD player with screen, so you can while away your time while you are massaging. The set includes also - music player (CD, DVD), a radio and headphones.

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Sledges, Boxing, Bicycles, Recreation, Basketball - Poland

KIMET company was founded in 1989 in Czestochowa. As a manufacturer of sled, sports equipment, tourism, toys, and winter range, steadily increased the scope of activities, improving the quality and attractiveness of their offer. Since 1996, the company teamed up with supermarket chains and is a supplier to most major retail chains operating on the Polish market.

At the moment we are the market leader in Czestochowa and Polish general in the production of various types of shoe (shoe sports shoe for the youngest, with a double back and plastic sled). In addition, we have been manufacturing toys for snow experience - apples, slides, plates, etc. All products are characterized workmanship and material quality.

A great popular are imported by our electric bicycles. Reliable supplier, and 5 years experience in trading electric bikes make us a reliable partner.

We are also manufacturer of the range of sports, toys and swings.

With the offensive and dynamic strategy KIMET has excellent business relationships with manufacturers offered arykułów at home and abroad, constantly introducing new products at very attractive prices.

We are a reliable business partner who can meet the challenges of the rapidly growing market and the needs of our customers. We encourage you to use our service, which should facilitate cooperation in trade and save valuable time needed for the arrangements, contracts and update our offer. We invite you to become familiar with our offer.



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Sports Trade Kielce 2012

fotel masujący

15-17.02.2012 w Kielcach odbędą się XXV Międzynarodowe Targi Branży Sportowej i Outdoorowej KIELCE SPORT - ZIMA na których nie może zabraknąć firmy Kimet.
Serdecznie zapraszamy do naszego stoiska.
Więcej informacji tutaj.


  • 10 September, 2011Kimet broadens its range of sets of fans and a wide range of Polish flag, European Union and the Pope.
  • September 15, 2011Company launches Kimet Polish electric bike NEON - characterized by sensational parameters and modern design.
  • October 01, 2011Company is launching a new toy for descending snow. Soon the pictures!